Home - its lovely on the hill
Some awesome dusks this month

New Year, new challenges  
This has been a month where I have been attempting to  get ahead of the workflow, and not altogether successfully.  

Sometimes too much work becomes an issue
I prefer to say yes and work out the details later, but I have been fighting a battle to keep ahead of things, and something had to give. This blog was one of those things. I am now trying to reconstruct what happened over the month of January in some format to make sense of the continuing life events.

I have been chatting to an acquaintance recently who has been having some challenging times in the past few months. All I can do is be a good listener, but it is important that we keep a look out and "ask are you OK" especially in times where difficult decisions are being made or need to be made. Life can throw up unexpected challenges and events that can change everything. Its a rollercoaster of emotions that sometimes you just have to ride out, or help someone to ride out.

The year in review - research, awareness and advocacy
I have been reflecting all the things I have been involved in this year and did begin to put together a chronological sequence..... didn't get very far but its back on my to do for Februarys installment.

Becoming an Aussie.
2023 is the must complete this application and followup. Must..

More help with Parkinson's awareness and advocacy.
YOPD catch up this month was a general chit chat.  #thisisparkinsons . Again some very open and honest discussion from the group.

On going through rain, and shine. Still haven't missed a day . New target 1000. #committed   

No Change to the schedule or positive impact.   

Pilates is back on Wednesday evenings, more challenges being set for me. It has been smaller numbers with just the two or three of us this each week.

PFU Boxing and more.
Each week there is something new for the warmup. Good to see some of the old regulars reappearing too.

Social Outings.
Lots on the calendar, regular "Thirst-day" drinks with the lads are always good. You can find us at Ballistic on Montague Road from about 4:30 each week.

Head down and focus on delivery with more work coming on stream from sometimes unexpected places. Still trying to catch up and complete some existing projects. Many new projects in the pipeline and continuing to clean up existing projects. 

Land Sailing.
Waiting for each Sunday to see what's happening at the track.... and have had a few other events happening.  Weather conditions mean no sailing. bah. 

Otherwise for me its still so far so good.
Same Same. 

And that is all for just now - keep a lookout for the next post and thanks for tagging along!